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 1962 - 2012


In the early years, all matters pertaining to cricket umpiring throughout the Caribbean were dealt with by the governing body of West Indies Cricket, the West Indies Cricket Board of Control through it various territorial affiliates.

As the years passed, it became evident that a need existed for the establishment of a body whereby affairs of an umpiring nature would be properly addressed, which would ensure the development of umpiring, create a harmonious relationship among all participants of the game, promote the dignity of the office of umpiring, and generally to advocate in the interest of umpires.

In order to accomplish these objectives, various territorial associations were established throughout the Caribbean. In 1946, Jamaica took the initiative with the blessing of the Jamaica Cricket Board of Control and formed the Jamaica Cricket Umpires’ Association, under the Presidency of Norman A.D. Tappin – J.P., Chartered Accountant, making the organization the second oldest umpiring Association in the world, surpassed only by the Victoria Association in Australia. This was followed by the formation of the Barbados Association in the early 1950’s, the Guyana Association and the Trinidad & Tobago Umpires Council in 1953.

Interestingly, the British to whom the world is indebted for the invention of such a noble game did not form its Association of Cricket Umpires until March 1953.

But there was no regional Association in existence in the West Indies which would bond the various organizations and their members together, and so broaden their input in the overall development of cricket as it relates to umpiring.

Conceived by both Gerry Gomez – retired famous West Indies test all-rounder and Norman Tappin, President of the Jamaica Cricket Umpires Association who had suggested such an idea from as far back as 1952, the initial attempt towards forming a regional organization took place in San Fernando, Trinidad with the staging of the first Cricket Umpires’ Convention being held from June 12 -16, 1962, under the auspices of the West Indies Cricket Board of Control.

Under the chairmanship of Gerry Gomez for its opening session, the meeting was addressed by J.ST. F. Dare, President of the West Indies Cricket Board Control.

Papers were presented by Tom Smith, Secretary of the Association of Cricket Umpires – England, Jeffrey Stollmeyer, and Sir Donald Bradman. Delegates from all five territories were in attendance.

Second Convention

This was held in Barbados from the 19-23rd January, 1965. The West Indies Cricket Board Control was represented by Eric Inniss – 1st Vice President of the Board and John Goddard. Barbados was represented by Harold Walcott, Cortez Jordon and Charles Colleymore; Guyana by Fitz Albert Clarke and Cecil Kippins,; Windward Islands by Phillip Alleyne and Milford Henville.; Jamaica by Owen Davies, while Trinidad and Tobago were represented by Ramacharitar Rickhi, Charlie Bain, Bertie Jacelon and Stuart Ishmael. Papers were presented by Tom Smith, Alex Bannister of the London Daily Mail, J.B. Stollmeyer, Ramcharitar Rickhi and Owen Davies.

Mr. Rickhi reiterated at the meeting that the aims of these Conventions confirmed at the first event in Trinidad were –

  1. The furtherance of the education of umpires from all territories as a result of deliberation and report.


  2. The provision of grounds for common interpretation of the laws of the game.


  3. The promotion of “espirit de corps” among umpires.


  4. The stimulation in the minds of umpires that umpiring is a highly creditable activity which would excite the respect and the admiration of the community with a consequent reflection on the dignity and status of the umpire.

Third Convention

Guyana was the venue for the third convention which was held from March 4 – 6, 1967. All five territories were represented. Official delegates were Cortez Jordon and Harold Walcott of Barbados, Pryor Jones and William London-Williams of Guyana, Rupert Aitcheson of Jamaica, Charlie Bain and Stuart Ishmael of Trinidad, and Phillip Alleyne of Windward Islands along with Cleophas Paynter.

Gerry Gomez, who at the time was Liason Officer between the WICBC and the umpiring fraternity, was unable to attend, and Rickhi deputized for him. English test umpire Syd Buller was an honored guest.

The official welcome was attended by the Governor General of Guyana – Sir David Rose and J.ST.F. Dare – President of the Guyana Cricket Board.

At the first “in camera” session of the convention which was confined to delegates, the constitution was debated. From a previously prepared draft, a final constitution was arrived at and approved. This document was to be presented to the WICBC for ratification. Finally, the stage was set for the inauguration of the West Indies Cricket Umpires Association, after the presentation of papers by Justice Rudolph Harper and William London-Williams of Guyana, Stuart Ishmael of Trinidad, while messages were received from Tom Smith, Allen Fallins, President of the New South Wales Umpires’ Association and the Ceylon Association of Cricket Umpires, Syd Buller participated in discussions on umpiring matters.

Fourth Convention

This was held at Jamaica Defence Force headquarters – Up Park Camp from the 24th February – 1st March 1969. The formal opening was attended by Norman Tappin who presided, R.C. Manley – President Jamaica Cricket Board of Control and West Indies Cricket Board of Control member, and delegates from all five territories – Gerry Gomez, then Chairman of the Selection Committee West Indies Cricket Board of Control was congratulated by R.C. Marley for the wonderful job he had done in the formation of the Association and promised his full support from the local Board.

It was this conference which finally inaugurated the formation of the West Indies Cricket Umpires’ Association. The first General Council was appointed comprising:-Gerry Gomez – Trinidad and Tobago-Chairman, J.H. Walcott of Barbados, Vice Chairman, Ramcharitar Rickhi, General Secretary/Treasurer. Members of the Council-Rudolph Harper and William London-Williams of Guyana, Charlie Bain and Stuart Ishmael-Trinidad and Tobago, Charles Colleymore and Contez Jordon-Barbados, Rupert Aitcheson and Owen Davis-Jamaica, Phillip Alleyne and Cleophas Paynter-Windward Islands and two members to be nominated later to represent Leeward Islands, as this area was not represented at this convention.

Committees- Three committees were appointed based on the Constitution,  an emergency committee, publicity and a training and examination committee.   Two auditors were appointed.  Sessions were held under the chairmanship of Esmond Kentish, Sydney Abrahams, Rudolph Harper, Allan Rae and Rex Colleymore and papers were presented and discussed on boundaries, convention and gentlemen agreement, run out, and umpiring ethics.

Umpiring Examinations

The first umpires’ examination to be conducted by the Training and Examination committee of the West Indies Cricket Umpires’ Association under the championship of Bertie Jacelou of Trinidad and Tobago took place throughout the territories on the 14th September 1970.  This was regarded as the final written examination which was to be followed later by the Oral and practical test.  Successful candidates would be eligible for appointment to officiate in first class matches.  A preliminary examination from candidates wishing to become umpires was to precede the final written and oral practical tests.  Twenty-two candidates were successful.

Change of Constitution

During the eighth Convention of the Association held in Trinidad from the 16th -20th May 1977, the conference decided that there was a great need for amendments to be made to the Constitution.  As a result the conference passed a resolution moved by the Jamaica delegation and seconded by the Trinidad and Tobago delegation.

It was further submitted in a paper by Clive Emritt of Trinidad that the post of Chairman be re-named President and that of Vice -Chairman –Executive Vice President; also that four area Vice-Presidents be appointed to be assigned to member territories.  The draft Constitution and the proposal for area Vice Presidents were approved, and the following members were appointed.  Area 1- Johnny Gayle, representing Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Area 2- Patrick Whyte- Leeward Islands

Area 3- Phillip Alleyne-Leeward Islands

Area 4-   Ralph Gosein- Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Guyana


Resignation of Hon. Secretary/Treasurer

Due to ill-health, Ramcharitar Rickhi was forced to tender his resignation, and at the 1979 Convention in Barbados, Clive Emmitt was nominated to act in this capacity while Anthony Lalacksingh of Trinidad was appointed Executive Assistant to the Secretariat.  Mr. Rickhi was made the first Honorary member of the Association, and a letter of thanks was sent to him for his splendid contribution to the development of the Association.  He died in 1994.

1985 Convention and Absence of President

At this twelfth Biennial Convention held in Jamaica in 1985 it was disclosed by the Hon. Secretary that the President of the Association Mr. Gomez was very ill, and although he was recuperating, he would not be attending the Convention based on medical advice.  Executive Vice-President –Justice Harper presided in his absence.  He did not seek re-election in 1989 and Justice Harper was elected President.  Mr. Gomez died in 1996, after twenty-seven years of outstanding service.  There was also a change in the Secretariat, Secretary Clive Emritt was replaced by Area 1 Vice President-Johnny Gayle.  Ronnie Osborne of Jamaica succeeded Gayle as Vice President-Area 1.

Mr. Gayle occupied this position from 1985-2003 (18 years) and did not seek re-election at the 2003 Convention in St. Kitts.   Justice Harper had also demitted office in 2001, after serving for twelve years and was succeeded by Patrick Whyte of Antigua.  He died in a traffic accident in Guyana in 2004.  Douglas Sang Hue-Chairman of the training and exanimation committee did not seek re-election in 2003 and was succeeded by Clyde Cumberbatch of Trinidad & Tobago.  Mr. Gayle was succeeded by Thomas Wilson in 2003, but only served for one month, as he died suddenly. Vivian Johnson of Jamaica was appointed to act as Hon. Secretary, and was duly elected in 2005 with Norman Malcolm as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

Mr. Patrick Whyte retired as President at the 2007 Convention in Guyana, after serving for six years and was replaced by Mr. Hartley Reid who was defeated by Mr. Steve Bucknor at the 2009 Convention in Bermuda. Mr. Bucknor also served for one term as he did not seek re- election at the 2011 Convention in St. Lucia and was replaced by the current President Mr. Cecil Fletcher who defeated Mr. Hartley Reid for the position.

During these 50 years, the WICUA has provided the world with some outstanding Umpires. These include Douglas Sang-Hue, Ralph Gosein, Lloyd Barker, Eddie Nichols, Steve Bucknor and Billy Doctrove.

Douglas Sang-Hue was our first world recognized umpire and officiated in Australia during the Kerry Packer series in the 1970s and along with Ralph Gosein, stood in all five test matches in a series in the West Indies. He officiated in a West Indies record thirty three test matches at the time of his retirement in the late 1970s. Lloyd Barker and Steve Bucknor were members of the inaugural National Grid Umpires’ panel in the 1990s, the precursor to the ICC Elite panel. Eddie Nichols succeeded Lloyd Barker upon his retirement, and represented us well on the international stage.

The most significant impact made by our umpires was that of Steve Bucknor, who established record after record. He was named world number one umpire, officiated in five consecutive world cup finals, stood in 128 test matches and 181 one day internationals (ODIs). Billy Doctrove has continued the tradition and is the only current WICUA umpire representing us on the ICC Elite panel. He continues to do an excellent job and is keeping our flags flying high.

Other umpires who have represented WICUA during this period include, Johnny Gayle, Reggie Cole, Owen Davis, Wesley Malcolm, Jamaica; Bertie Jacelou, Charlie. Bain, Gerry Gomez, Stuart Ismael, Clyde Cumberbatch, Sadique Mohammed, Trinidad & Tobago; Stanton Paris, David Archer, Barbados; Compton Vyfhius, Clyde Duncan, David Narine, Guyana; C. Paynter, St. Vincent and Andrew Weeks, St. Kitts.

In recent years, resulting from the ICC policy, each Test playing country nominates umpires to the second tier ICC International panel. In 2006, Norman Malcolm, Jamaica; Clancy Mack, Antigua; Clyde Duncan, Guyana and Goaland Greaves of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, were nominated to serve on this panel. The panel was changed in 2011, and the umpires currently serving on that panel are Peter Nero and Joel Wilson, Trinidad & Tobago; Gregory Brathwaite, Barbados and Nigel Duguid of Guyana who was added in 2012.

Currently, in conjunction with the WICB, a senior WICB Umpires’ panel was formed in 2010 to officiate the regional first class competition. The panel includes Norman Malcolm, Clancy Mack, Goaland Greaves, Peter Nero, Joel Wilson, Gregory Brathwaite, Nigel Duguid, Vincent Bullen of Barbados; Vivian Johnson, Jamaica; Lennox Abrahams, Dominica and Luther Kelly, St. Kitts.

The WICUA is continuing the trend to provide the world with high quality umpires and has an ongoing Training programme in the territories to ensure this. The WICUA is also working closely with the WICB to organize yearly training seminars for the panel umpires as well as the emerging umpires.

The WICUA is hoping that the next 50 years will be as productive as the last fifty, as more umpires will achieve world class status by attaining or surpassing the heights set by their predecessors. The WICUA sees a bright future ahead for this organization, and is moving at full speed to consolidate the gains made over the last fifty years.


















12 – 16th June, 1962




19-23rd January, 1965




4 – 6th March, 1967




Feb. 24 – March 1, 1969




1ST – 7TH May, 1971

 St. Lucia – Windward Islands



7 – 11th May, 1973

Montserrat –Leeward Islands



12 – 16th May, 1975




16 – 20TH May, 1977




7 – 11th May, 1979 




21 – 24th April, 1981




9 – 13th May, 1983




27 – 31st May, 1985




1 – 5th June, 1987

Antigua – Leeward Islands



25 – 30th June, 1989




2 – 7th June 1991




16 – 21st May, 1993




21 – 26TH May, 1995

St. Vincent – Windward Islands



22 – 27th June, 1997




24 – 29th June, 1999




20 – 25th July, 2003

St. Kitts – Leeward Islands



19 – 24th June, 2005




16 -23rd June 2007




30th May – June 6, 2009




16 – 23rd July, 2011

St. Lucia – Windward Islands



                           , 2013





Local Umpire Appointed to ICC World Cup Qualifiers

 Passing of Umpire Lincoln Champagnie

 Hello Mr. Baksh,

It is with deep regret that I learnt of the death of Umpire Lincoln Champagnie. As is stated and well known, Mr. Champagnie was one of the founding members of the New York Cricket Umpires' Association and subsequently the USACUA. Mr. Champagnie devoted and dedicated himself to the building and development of umpires and umpiring in the USA for over two decades.The USACUA and the WICUA owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Champagnie for his foresight in charting this process of establishing an umpiring organization that is so fundamental to the game of cricket. 

We are saddened to know that Mr. Champagnie has passed on, but his name will be with us forever. On behalf of the Executive and the members of WICUA, I want to extend my deepest condolences to his family and to the family of the USACUA. We know that in the time of bereavement,there is a lot of emotions, but we are all praying that God will take good care of you all. May his soul rest in peace.


Vivian Johnson



Gentlemen, It is indeed a sad day for the Jamaica Cricket Umpires' Association (JCUA) and West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association (WICUA) family. The passing of Douglas Sang-Hue OD, former Test and International Umpire has left a huge void in our umpiring fraternity On Friday, August 22, 2014. Mr. Sang-Hue epitomized the true standard of excellence that every umpire would like to aspire for. He had been a true ambassador for Jamaica and the entire West Indies, representing us locally, regionally and internationally with distinction. We will surely miss him. 


 On behalf of the West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association which he served with grace, humility and distinction, I would like to extend condolence to his family. May his soul rest in peace. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.




Vivian Johnson

Secretary WICUA                                        

 October 26th 2013

Distinguished Educator to Receive National Badge of Honour

Norman Malcolm to Receive National Honour

  August 14th 2013    Season Greetings By President Cecil Fletcher 

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 Aug-14th 2013: WICUA 50th Anniversary Message by Cecil Fletcher

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Early History of WICUA

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WICUA Test Umpires 1962-2012

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* Umpires Annual Fund Raising Dinner - Dec 17, 2011 - Ocho Rios

* Dominica Cricket Umpires Association 45 AGM (uploaded 2013-06-21)

* The ICC announcement of Roger Dill
(Bermuda) and Courtney Young (Cayman Islands) to the ICC Associate and
Affiliate International Umpires' Panel. Rog
er has been a member of this panel since its inception in 2006 replacing the ICC Associate and affiliate Panel (2005 and Roger was one of the original panelists).

* WICUA EXAM Results

* Minutes of WICUA Biennial Convention 2011

    • Umpire Gregory Brathwaite to officiate in Bangladesh

    • St John?s, Antigua ? Barbadian umpire Gregory Brathwaite has travelled to
    Bangladesh and will officiate in three matches in that country?s domestic
    four day season.

    • Brathwaite who stood in matches in the English county last season is the
    latest beneficiary of the Umpire Exchange Programme among the West Indies
    Cricket Board, the English and Wales Cricket Board and the Bangladesh
    Cricket Board.

    • Guyanese umpire Nigel Duguid will stand in English county matches next
    season. The Trinidadian duo of Peter Nero and Joel Wilson successfully
    completed exchange stints in both England and Bangladesh as part of the
    programme. Both are now on the ICC International Panel of umpires while
    Brathwaite and Duguid are ICC Television Umpires.

    • The fourth round of the Bangladesh season ended today and the fifth round
    begins on November 21st with the seventh and final round ending on December

* Report on WICB Umpires sub committee meeting held Sept. 30 2011 in Antigua

* 24th Bi-ennial Convention in St. Lucia

24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/DSCN2656.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/WICUA50thAnniversaryMonumentinTandT.jpg 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/WICUA50thAnniversaryMonument.jpg 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/new-star.gif
24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0556.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0555.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0554.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0553.JPG
24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0552.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0500.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0499.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0490.JPG
24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0478.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0476.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0475.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0474.JPG
24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0472.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0458.JPG 24th_Bi_ennial_Convention_in_St_Lucia/SDIM0456.JPG

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